IG Modeling 101- 5 tips


Beginning with the pound (#) symbol, a hashtag on social media is a link that connects messages from multiple users under the topic of a phrase or an idea. The tool was predominantly used on Instagram and Twitter, but is now used on most social media platforms.

Modelling agencies will use Instagram to scout potential models by searching an existing hashtag, so including them in your Instagram upload is important. Equally as important is knowing which hashtags to use. Below is a list of the most active and relevant hashtags for the budding Australian model on Instagram:

  • #scoutme
  • #getscouted
  • #scoutmechadwick
  • #willyscouts
  • #imgmodelscout
  • #vscouted
  • #chadwickmodels
  • #imgmodels
  • #giantmgmt
  • #viviensmodelmanagement
  • #priscillasmodels
  • #chicgirls


For hashtags to work, modelling agencies have to be able to view and peruse your account. It is important your Instagram account is set to public, not private for this to happen.

Because your profile would be able to be seen by anyone and everyone, it is important to see the platform as a professional space. Continue to upload everyday pictures, but be mindful that language and content could be being seen by a potential employer – so cater for this.

Additionally, relevant personal information should then be available and put in your bio on Instagram. Your email and living location are important pieces of information for perspective modelling agencies to contact you.


Modelling agencies should be able to get an insight into your personality and image when on your Instagram, so uploading content that reflects who you are is important. Creating a niche for yourself and marketing yourself as something different to everyone else on Instagram is important when getting scouted on Instagram. That being said, it is equally important to upload a variety of images to express your versatility. Photos that focus on your facial features, body shape and your ability to pose in different environments are all aspects that modelling agencies search for. Before you decide to make your Instagram a professional space, consider what tone and aesthetic you’d like your profile to follow.


Because Instagram and social reach has become such a strong marketing tool in the modelling industry, modelling agencies have started recruiting not only models but influencers too. Having a large following on social media platforms is very advantageous and can help you get scouted on Instagram quicker.

Implementing some of the tips we’ve already mentioned in this article will definitely help increase your follower count. A public profile, appealing content and hashtags will all garner attention to your page. This is often what aspiring freelance models do, uploading a photo with a brand’s product in it and tagging the relevant parties in hopes the brand will see the image. Social media reach is now understood to be lucrative for brands and you could be more appealing as a model with a high follower count.


A last option is to direct message the Instagram pages of modelling agencies. Direct message, or DM as it’s commonly abbreviated to, is the message tab underneath an Instagram profile. Pressing this will take you to a screen in which you can write a personal message that can go directly to the user behind the Instagram page. Some modelling agencies have it written in their Instagram bios that they prefer potential models to direct message them, but others might not have it specified. When direct messaging a modelling agency off Instagram, attach two small size images of you and a quick message. Always do your research and make sure you are contacting the authorised Instagram pages of the modelling agencies you’re interested in. Lastly, be patient. If you do not hear back, remain professional and pursue other agencies. You may not be exactly the look they’re after, but every agency is looking for different things. Don’t give up!

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