7 things branding strategies for my small business / startup?

Take Care of Your Customers

“The least expensive way to get the word out about your brand is by focusing on your customer’s experience. It seems simple, but you’d be surprised at how many companies don’t put customers first. When customers feel well-taken care of, they tell others about your company. Customer testimonials and referrals that are genuine get way more attention than anything else.”

Use Facebook Remarketing and Interest Targeting

“Facebook ads allows small businesses to reach new interest-based audiences at more manageable prices than Google AdWords. Well-executed Facebook ad campaigns can have CPCs that are significantly lower with higher conversion rates. If the KPI is branding, then Facebook can expose your business to a large number of people, and when you combine with remarketing, you can gain instant visibility.”

Get a Mantra

“A mantra is an extension of your brand; it’s what you stand for. It communicates to both your customers and employees what your company is about. At Men’s Style Lab our mantra is to create effortless style. This is in both our tagline and our core values. If the things we do don’t make style effortless, than we’ve lost focus on our customer experience (brand), and we’re wasting our time and energy.”

Be Consistent With Your Branding

“If you’re going to brand a certain way, whether it’s fonts, colors or typography, stay consistent throughout all branding efforts — and stick with it.  “

Craft an Elevator Pitch

“When you’re first starting to promote your startup, the best way to do so is through word of mouth — your mouth. When you attend networking events and expos, make sure you have a consistent elevator pitch for the various clients or consumers you hope to attract to your business.”

Be Yourself

“When our company first started off, my business partner and I hid our biggest asset, which was a crazy, fan-girly passion for music.  We didn’t want to seem overzealous or unprofessional. However, we one day realized that this was what made us special and started being to be ourselves in our pitch meetings. This is when our business started to exponentially accelerate!”

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