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Frame Tech Hardware

  • Date: July 19, 2019

  • Skills: Illustration, HTML5 and CSS Animation

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Computer Relocation

This services is for launching new office locations, this includes De-Installation and Re-Installation of all specified connected network hardware and the migration of data

Network Deployment

the Design planning and deployment of a secure and efficient data network, which includes the installation of patch cables, switches, routers. and modems.

Hardware Installation

Server Rack installation layout and design, Plus cables provisioning with a Complete diagnostic and quality assurance inspection on all installed equipment

Hardware Customization

Proprietary hardware builds for special use cases - Data centers - Video Surveillance centers - Call center builds - Live stream studios - Recording studio setups etc.

About Frametech

Business infrastructure comprises all the components that enable a company’s IT operations, which includes both internal business operations and external client business solutions. A company comprises all components that enable network communication, operations and management, and connectivity of an Enterprise Network  The network infrastructure is responsible for maintaining both internal and external connectivity of the internal and external systems. Frame tech offers various types of technical services to support these components , this includes local and remote PC Support, Server and network Support, Plus audio video Installation services

Service focus

VoIP Communications


Server and Network Solutions


Managed Security Services


PC and Mac Support


Pricing may vary based on deliverable’s including the scope length of project

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